Sonia Miller

In August of 1997, Sonia Miller sat scanning the job section of the Denver Post.  Being new to town and ready to work outside the home, she jumped at the opportunity to do something that she knew well: housekeeping.  She had no experience with apartments, but loved the accomplished feeling she got when she saw a cleaning project through to completion.  She figured, why not make that unique feeling into a career?

Fast forward 16 years and you’ll find that’s exactly what Sonia Miller has done.  Still at The Pines of Marston Lake, she is a beloved member of the team and is known throughout Tonti for her unwavering commitment to her responsibilities and remarkable attention to detail.

Of course her role at Tonti is only a portion of Sonia’s story.  Born and raised in a small town East of Venice, Italy, she still retains that beautiful Italian accent!  At the age of 19, she fell in love with a handsome young American soldier and married a year later.  They have lived all over:  Italy, Florida, Germany, Texas, Ohio and finally, Colorado.  Now, with one grown child and two four-legged children, Lina and Darby, Sonia and her husband enjoy all the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer.  In their free time, you can find them cooking or hiking with the dogs.

When asked about her favorite part of the job, she replied, “These people are family; they’re not just my co-workers.”  We couldn’t have said it any better and are grateful to have Sonia as a valued member of the Tonti Family.