Namir Butris

The morning of our interview, he walks into my office with a smile on his face.  As is typical of Namir, his greeting is, “how can I help?”  It’s not the flippant sentiment thrown around a lot these days.  His inquiry is entirely genuine.  Whether it’s simple advice or assistance with a yearlong project, Namir can be counted on to make it happen.  After 26 years with Tonti Properties, 24 of those as Director of Maintenance, he has built a reputation as the go-to guy; his “can do” attitude, relentless work ethic and knowledge of the industry make him the person everyone wants on their team.  In fact, he’s been affectionately dubbed, “Namiracle”, for his ability to pull off the seemingly impossible.

His story is as unique as he is.  Now living on a sprawling 15 acre North Texas farm, complete with horses, cattle, chickens, and dogs, he’s a long way from where he began in a town just north of Baghdad, Iraq.  Growing up in a family of 11 and moving to the United States in the 80’s, he learned early the value of persistence and hard work.  Unlike his siblings who settled in Michigan, Namir chose his own path to a warmer climate and found Texas to be so nice, he stayed.   Years later he has a lovely wife and two beautiful college aged daughters, successfully working toward their Bachelors and Masters degrees.  He is a lover of the outdoors and an avid sportsman, regularly bow hunting across Texas and Missouri.

Having started at the Highlands of Valley Ranch in Irving, Texas as Lead Maintenance in 1988, it became quickly apparent to senior management that Namir had what it took to mentor maintenance staff members and to tackle even the toughest capital improvement projects that would come with an expanding portfolio of properties.  What he loved about his job back then is what he still loves about his job today: every day and every new project brings an opportunity to master something different and overcome a new challenge.  His job keeps him on his toes, and his loyalty and commitment to excellence continue to profoundly impact the Tonti Properties Family for the better.

[Thank you, Namir, for all you do for each of us here at Tonti Properties!]